| 2006-08-02 21:12:07
Martina | 02/08/2006 21:09:29
Jeep...the new side is ready.
Greetings to J.B. the great voice!!!!!!!!!!
See you in Hamburg, I hope the new CD is return to the first and second CD.
Greetings from Hamburg
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Martina | 2006-08-02 21:09:29
Jeep...the new side is ready.
Greetings to J.B. the great voice!!!!!!!!!!
See you in Hamburg, I hope the new CD is return to the first and second CD.
Greetings from Hamburg
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frankie | 2006-08-02 11:43:21
Hail and welcome back! Good to see the site is back in action! We never got to see you kickin ass in Scotland with Cathedral and Electric Wizard. Hope to see you back in Glasgow soon! Roll on the new album!
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Lawrence | 2006-08-02 10:38:16
You guys need to get an internet forum for the dedicated fans. Ordered my shirt, by the way, har har har!

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Reply: HAIL,

Well, the thought has crossed our minds. For the time being, this guestbook is interactive as you can see...
Leslie | 2006-08-02 02:36:50
WoW! The new site is rockin you guys, kudos to the webmaster ;o) Anyway I am just glad to see it up and running again and SHIRTS! I am busy moving into a new house but once I get my new addy I will be ordering one, ohhh yes! Cannot wait to hear the new stuff and maybe hopefully one of these days we will get to see you here in the US!
Horns High and Peace,
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Dave | 2006-08-01 22:37:39
well thank the gods of metal for this : site is back up! I was scared it was all just a lovely lovely dream of metally, rocky, viking magic! Dyin to hear new material with new drummer. Come back to newcastle! \m/ D \m/
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Lunar_lover63 | 2006-08-01 20:39:18
I'm so glad to see the new site is up and running. You are one of my favourite bands. Missed you with Electric Wizard and Cathedral in the UK DAMM! What a groove that would have been( E-Wiz) another big fave of mine. JB has got some of the best rock vocals around, totally underestimated in my view. Look forward to hearing you all riffing soon. FANTASTIC!!
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The Mighty Nimbus | 2006-08-01 20:36:47
Hail Grand Magus! Nice looking site fellas! Can't wait for the new material...we STILL need to hook up and tour Europe sometime soon!

Best of luck...and yea, ya'll RAWK!!


Big Andy & The Mighty Nimbus
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ang | 2006-08-01 20:20:10
Im really looking forward to new album, and hopefully a few uk dates, as I moved to uk from sweden recently
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Celtman | 2006-08-01 19:54:02
Great to see the new website up at last, its going to be great to see it just get better and better.
I'm looking forward to a new tours...

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youngmanoldsoul | 2006-08-01 16:59:05
I hope that the new material will be the renaissance of the killer-groove of the second and mainly the first of my all time favourites...of all kinds of music!!!!!

....the voice, the riffs, THE GROOVE, the all fits like a glove...

...the last album was a huge disappointment...:-(

so please eliminate the manowar-riffs...and return to yourself!!!

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Lawrence Richards | 2006-08-01 15:02:22
Finally, you're back! I missed you guys last time you visited the UK, so I'm really hopeful that we get a Grand Magus tour over here soon.

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Vidharr | 2006-08-01 13:58:06
A new website, some news, some pics...awesome work! Your music is the best...wisdom of the Gods...keep on rockin' Grand Magus!
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Blitzkrieg Biehlig | 2006-08-01 13:44:04
cool website, guys!

i've been waiting for news about grand magus for quite a long time. :)

hopefully you'll find a way to visit (south-)germany again with the new material, when it's done.

eagerly awaiting any news...

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Brian Hilton | 2006-08-01 13:32:12
Hello from Massachusetts
ozzfest today...wish you guys
were on the bill....
Brian Hilton
www | @
Robert | 2006-05-23 15:53:45
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Reply: Check..
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