TRIUMPH AND POWER!!! | 2013-11-20

This will melt your face!
 European tour announced! | 2013-11-07

Join us for the feast of burning steel!

Read all about ir here:

Don't forget the UK/Ireland dates:

 Second studio report available! | 2013-11-04
Fox guides you through his gear for the recordings of the new album. Heavy metal!

More to come soon!

 First studio report online! | 2013-10-28

Check out Ludwig's setup for our new album. More to come!

 HAIL! | 2013-10-18

We apologize for the lack of updates on this site. The Magus has been extremely busy writing and recording a new album (besides playing live of course). Expect a LOT of news very soon.

Until then, stay true!

/Grand magus
 Upcoming festivals! | 2013-03-19

First of all: Thank you to all who came to sweat and and sing with us on the European tour. We had a blast and we were blown away by your enthusiasm and support. We will be back!!!

Here are the confirmed festival appearances for the Magus so far:

May 3rd 2013 NO – Haugesund, Karmoygeddon Festival

May 31st 2013 DE – Geiselwind, Beastival

June 1st 2013 IT – Lichtenberg, Eternity of Rock

June 14th 2013 DE – Ahnsbeck, Break the Ground

June 15th 2013 NO – Bergen, Bergenfest

Hope to see you there, we will bring the fire and steel!

/Grand Magus
 HUNTING ACROSS EUROPE!!! | 2012-11-30

GRAND MAGUS is coming on European tour in February 2013. The band will be supported by Angel Witch and ENFORCER. With their sixth studio album “The Hunt”, Swedish riff gods GRAND MAGUS reported back impressively in May this year! The trio from Stockholm has always consequently sticked to its own path of evolution without ever leaving behind the gathered experiences – they’ve never casted off their early days’ pumping groove nor their love for epic doom or extreme metal. These trademarks are now being paired with traditional riffs and melodies that rock in the same qualitative league as Judas Priest or Dio have. Now, the fantastic live band is going on the road again!

JB from GRAND MAGUS about the upcoming tour:
"Hellfire! 2013 starts with metal on metal. Can you take this? We will bring our latest album "The Hunt" on the road and conquer Europe. Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Holland - be prepared for some mighty headbanging tunes and sweaty riffs. The Magus is thrilled to have our brothers from Angel Witch with us on this venture and Enforcer opening up the fight! Remember: Blood will stain the land - as the hunt will take command! See you all in February."

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07.02.2013 DE Hamburg - Markthalle
08.02.2013 DE Berlin - C-Club
09.02.2013 DE Bochum - Matrix
10.02.2013 DE Stuttgart - Universum
12.02.2013 AT Wien - Viper Room
13.02.2013 IT Milano - tba
14.02.2013 DE München - Backstage
15.02.2013 CH Aarau - Kiff
16.02.2013 DE Würzburg - Posthalle
17.02.2013 NL Rotterdam - Baroeg
 GIGS! | 2012-08-28

A bit late in the day, but here are the next live appearances for GM. First off there's a Swedish date (!!!), in Sundsvall on Saturday SEPTEMBER 1st. Check it out here:

Then there's a gig in Athens, Greece on the 22nd of SEPTEMBER:,com_gigcal/task,details/gigcal_gigs_id,963/Itemid,82/

Last in this batch is GM's first transatlantic appearance ever, in Calgary, Canada on SEPTEMBER the 29th!

 THE HUNT!!! | 2012-05-24

Tomorrow marks the European release of THE HUNT.

This album is meant to be played LOUD so F**KING CRANK IT UP!!!!!!

Heavy metal is the LAW!
/Grand Magus
 GRAND MAGUS - Introduce new drummer! | 2012-04-04
GRAND MAGUS - Meet the new drummer!

Sebastian "Seb" Sippola has left the band in the run-up to the recordings of THE HUNT.
Job an family preclude him from getting on with his drummer-activitys at Grand Magus. Above all he can't go on tour anymore because of temporally reasons. Sebastian did his last shows with Magus on the recent UK tour with Amon Amarth, and he played like a monster. He leaves the band in close friendship.

The new man behind the drums is Ludwig “Ludde” Witt (SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, FIREBIRD, SHINING).

Sebastian comment to the entrance of Ludwig:
"It took a load off my mind that Ludwig was chosen because he is a friend of mine. By the way, honestly and objective: In my opinion Ludwig is the best replacement for me because he already knows JB and Fox and he exactly knows which demands the drumming at Grand Magus will make on him. They will be a great team and I'm really looking forward to see them live - though I have no idea, how my reaction will be in this situation."
But Sebastian won't chuck the sticks away: he'll keep on playing drums as "leisure activity".

Guitarist and vocalist JB states:
"When Sebastian told us that he wanted to concentrate on his family and thus leave the band, it was a tough blow. How to move forward? I knew only one possible drummer who had the combination of old school rock drumming and metal chops like Sebastian and that's Ludwig Witt who I knew through my tenure in Spiritual Beggars. Me and Ludwig have stayed in touch after I left Beggars and I knew
he was busy with other bands so I couldn't really hope that he would be available. But like it was destined to happen Ludwig agreed to do the album and join the band. It's weird, because just like it felt completely natural when Sebastian joined, it feels like Ludwig totally belongs in Magus! Ludwig is an awesome drummer and we are super excited to have him on board. We'll pound out the metal together starting end of May. Prepare for the HUNT!!!!!!!"

Ludwig commented:
“Hi everybody, I'm very happy to announce that I Ludwig Witt am the new drummer of Grand Magus. I've known JB for over ten years and I've been a fan of GM since day one so it's great to be on board.
At the moment I'm learning all the classic GM songs and I get a huge buzz from playing along to songs like “Kingslayer” and “Like The Oar Strikes The Water” so I can't wait to get out and play the stuff live together with the new stuff from our new album the hunt. See you on the road.”

“The Hunt” will be released May 25, 2012 via Nuclear Blast.


Order: Ginza | Nuclear Blast | Nuclear Blast USA | iTunes

Order: Ginza | Nuclear Blast | Nuclear Blast USA | iTunes